Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Companies face a multitude of challenges when designing strategies. Senior executives, in particular, have pointed to the need to better manage uncertainty in strategy development through flexible and adaptive strategic management practices. This requires on-going dialogue on strategic issues, as well as the ability to execute a new strategic plan. We take a global, cross-sector, cross-functional view of risk issues, combining our deep industry insight and strategic skills with a structured risk-management approach, proven methodologies focused on transformation, analytical tools, and practical implementation. Our advisory services range from straightforward securities offerings to far more complex issues, such as conversions and initial public offerings, bank financings, public-company merger and acquisition transactions, and global operating partnerships. 

Three things define our approach: First, we bring analytical rigor to the science of organization, using facts and benchmarks to scope the opportunity and measure results. Second, every effort to strengthen organizations is integrated with business imperatives: executing strategy, improving operations, meeting customer needs. Third, we focus not just on short-term results, but on building organizational health—the capabilities and qualities that underpin sustained performance.

Commercial Offerings and Acquisition Screening

We help clients take a fine-grained approach to finding growth opportunities hidden within overlooked regions and subsectors and then help them to allocate the right resources to those opportunities. We help clients develop the creative discipline to produce breakthrough ideas that are supported by economically viable business models and superior execution capabilities. Our Insights to Action approach combines hard data with creativity, helping our clients accelerate the innovation process and move from a big idea to a commercial offering—in the form of new products, services, processes, or even business models—quickly and cost-effectively while minimizing risk.

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

We advise our clients on the full range of public offerings, from start-ups to privatizations and carve-outs. In preparation for an Initial Public Offerings (IPO), we help clients improve their business to ensure a public offering captures maximum value. We also assist clients in developing capital market strategies and in assessing IPO timing and structure. We support all aspects of preparing a company for the financial markets, including the key phases of the IPO: overall project management, business plan, valuation, financing strategy, listing documents, and analyst. After a listing, we help our clients achieve the stated targets and further build the capabilities needed for success in the capital markets.

Hostile Takeovers and Proxy Contest Defense

Unprecedented volatility in the global financial system is exposing market participants to extraordinary risk and uncertainty. The reassessment of risk by both lenders and borrowers has resulted in a less borrower-friendly environment and more restrictive terms in finance documents. Changes in the financial and regulatory landscape have altered the way business is conducted and are affecting legal arrangements. Our rigorous methodology and proprietary tools help our clients plan and execute bold and decisive portfolio defense.

Publicly-Traded Divestitures and Corporate Restructuring

In recent years, many companies have taken a more critical look at what businesses they own and why they own them. We help clients critically assess their portfolio in order to better understand their core and non-core businesses. To support divestitures, we help clients value the relevant business, identify possible opportunities, and support key issues affecting negotiations, such as the impact on vendors and the possible need for supply agreements with the acquirer.

Creating a sustainable enterprise involves transforming the entire value chain from the supply of materials to product design, operations, and end-of-life management. We help clients uncover opportunities and risks, set priorities, and launch coherent implementation programs. To support the building of sustainable enterprises, we have developed a diagnostic tool that identifies opportunities to promote growth through new products, markets, and the composition of the business portfolio; improve return on capital through sustainable value chains, and sustainable operations; and manage risk, whether regulatory, reputational, or operational.

We help distressed companies and underperforming business units drive rapid and dramatic performance improvement. Our work ranges from acute crisis and liquidity management to large-scale restructuring. To help our clients succeed we offer a variety of working arrangements, from traditional consulting teams to expert advisors to experienced interim managers. We bring to bear our firm’s unparalleled industry and functional expertise, combined with specialized professionals with deep restructuring experience.